Use dnsmasq on OpenSUSE

I ran into this bug of steam on linux. Basically, steam fires up tons of DNS queries when downloading/updating and constantly triggers the throttling mechanism on the DNS servers, resulting a terribly slow download speed.


24 Nov 2018

Clean Up the Root Partition Using Btrfs & Snapper

Snapper is a nice snapshot tool for easy backup and rollback with btrfs. However, its default maneuver over snapshots can be a PITA as it frequently takes snapshots which by all means seem unnecessary.


19 Dec 2017

Kodi Segmentation Fault on Start

Recently I updated from OpenSUSE 13.2 to Leap 42.1, and together KDE 4 to 5.4, but all of a sudden Kodi stopped working. The symptom is that Kodi only shows the splash screen and then force closes dumping a crash log.


27 Nov 2015

Nvidia no devices detected no screens found after nvidia-xconfig

Recently got a weird issue after applying an Nvidia driver update from the official repository.


22 Jun 2015