Steam friends network unreachable fix

The disputable new steam friends UI keeps running into problems.


16 Apr 2019

Use dnsmasq on OpenSUSE

I ran into this bug of steam on linux. Basically, steam fires up tons of DNS queries when downloading/updating and constantly triggers the throttling mechanism on the DNS servers, resulting a terribly slow download speed.


24 Nov 2018

WPS not starting on KDE and Kmenuedit not saving changes

After the recent update of WPS for linux, it stopped working on desktops with KDE variants. So I looked around and found the solution listed below. In the meantime, this article also provides a workaround for kmenuedit's bug of not saving changes correctly.


29 May 2018

Clean Up the Root Partition Using Btrfs & Snapper

Snapper is a nice snapshot tool for easy backup and rollback with btrfs. However, its default maneuver over snapshots can be a PITA as it frequently takes snapshots which by all means seem unnecessary.


19 Dec 2017

cmus: auto show/hide UI, mark favorites and easier global shortcuts

Laid my hands on cmus recently and it got my spot just right, lightweight yet powerful, and useful plugins with specialized purposes.


1 Aug 2017

Migrating whole system from HDD to SSD

Finally I got some time to upgrade my old 2014 Alienware 17 with an SSD.


21 Aug 2016

Kodi Segmentation Fault on Start

Recently I updated from OpenSUSE 13.2 to Leap 42.1, and together KDE 4 to 5.4, but all of a sudden Kodi stopped working. The symptom is that Kodi only shows the splash screen and then force closes dumping a crash log.


27 Nov 2015

Recover UEFI boot after removing all the kernels

So I recently made a mistake while cleaning old kernel files. Put my lesson in short: always think twice while you use rm -rf with some regular expressions...


17 Aug 2015

Nvidia no devices detected no screens found after nvidia-xconfig

Recently got a weird issue after applying an Nvidia driver update from the official repository.


22 Jun 2015