Interesting tools

This post lists a bunch of interesting tools I came upon. I will keep updating it.

  • Hugo. Of course it goes first. It's what makes this site possible.
  • Slock. A useful small tool for turning off the screen and lock it. Just type in your password to unlock it.
  • Vrome. Make your Chrome work in a VI fashion. A great tool for VI fans who hate the mouse.
  • Vimium. Vrome has some problem creating link hints on chrome 80+, Vimium is an awesome alternate.
  • Timeline and TimelineJS. If you want to make some timelines. Example here.
  • screenFetch. A nice small command-line tool shows basic hardware and OS info.
  • mpld3. Plot interactive graphs for web-browsing using Matplotlib.
  • Go-For-It. A tool for task management.
  • PowerTOP. An Intel opensource tool for diagnosing the power consumption.
  • Alien. A useful tool to convert between different linux install packages, such as deb, rpm, etc.
  • Ext2Fsd. Enable direct access from Windows to your files on ext2/3/4 partitions. Extremely useful if you have a dual boot computer.
  • Xrandr. For setting the size, orientation and/or reflection of the outputs of a screen.
  • nanoGallery. Responsive gallery for your website. Example here.
  • Owl Carousel. Add responsive carousel to your site.
  • qTip2. Customize your own tooltips for webpages.
  • jqplot. Create all kinds of charts in your webpages.
  • Realm. An extremely easy-to-use mobile database.
  • Katex. Writing math formulas in a latex fashion in your webpage.
  • you-get. CLI tool for downloading videos from websites.
  • clonezilla. Great tools for disk/partition backup and data migration.
  • minify. To minify all your web-dev related files.
  • Continuing...