Let's Encrypt on Host without Root Access

If you are like me, using a shared host for your website, chances are you don’t have root access to your web server and probably run into the following error while using the original certbot by Let’s Encrypt.


26 Oct 2016

Abyssrium cheats and tricks

I stumble upon a nice game called Abyssrium yesterday. It allows you to raise all kinds of beautiful fishes and create your own aquarium in a deep ocean. The basic play style is repetitively tapping around and collecting the so called “vitality” to buy everything you need. Well, if you occasionally program a little, then I guess you can understand the irritation I feel when there’s something needs manually “repeating”.


29 Sep 2016

Recover UEFI boot after removing all the kernels

So I recently made a mistake while cleaning old kernel files. Put my lesson in short: always think twice while you use rm -rf with some regular expressions… Anyways, the catastrophic situation I got into was all the kernels been removed and the machine cannot boot into linux any more. So the following is what I did.


17 Aug 2015

My Vim CheatSheet

My .vimrc can be found here.


27 Jun 2015